What’s New?

[New!]Keiser Mfg. has acquired the 8-Way Rotary Selector Valve line which is used as a well testing valve.

8-Way Project UPDATE:

  • 2014 — Aug– Literature updates are ready.
  • 2014 — PENDING — Our R&D department is also actively working on a new compact actuator for the RSV along with additional valve features that reduce the total cost of ownership for our customers.
  • 2014 — PENDING — New seal technology – Testing has shown increased performance and reliability which translates to less valve maintenance and higher reliability.  A patent will soon be filed and then we look forward to introducing the new seals to the market.
  • 2014 July — We just successfully completed our Factory Mutual (FM) audit and are proud to announce that we have been approved by FM.  Our RSV product is now certified for use in Hazardous Locations.  We are ready for market and look forward to reintroducing RSV products.
  • 2014 May — Our secure customer E-portal was launched, allowing customers to check their order status, get product pricing and availability.
  • 2013 Jan — After acquiring the product, some of the tooling was worn out so they either had to be refurbished or replaced.  We received the new tools and first article castings while finishing all of the first article machining for the aluminum parts.  As we finish up the last of the machined parts and continue with production, we’re planning to launch the product for sale by the end of the 3rd quarter, 2013.